Meet Our Amazing Founders!


Susan Sampson


Board certified in holistic nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Susan has made it her duty to create delicious, healthy food. Knowing that there is not one perfect diet, her regimens have personalized approaches, which she educates to student chefs.  As she teaches her students, healthy food has to taste good. If a person has to make a face and force something down, it’s just not a healthy way to eat.

Susan was raised in the city of brotherly love and great food. Having a career in engineering, she solved a variety of system issues in government and corporate fields. Realizing the big dollar issues she faced in the workplace paled in comparison to the responsibility of two young children, she changed direction and earned a master’s in nutrition and her Ed.D. Now she engineers the perfect diet for her family and educates incorporating sustainably raised ingredients for a delicious meal. Hapyy Granola is Susan’s next step in promoting nutrition. It’s made from tasty, real food ingredients with protein, fat and macronutrients, important elements in nutrition.

Yes, nutrition matters!

Michael Roll

Growing up, Chef Michael had the opportunity to live in and travel to many destinations including Hawaii, San Diego and Spain. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English from Old Dominion University and a Masters of Business Administration from Argosy University, he found his love of culinary arts after learning that his 9 to 5 jobs weren’t very fulfilling for him. With inspiration from his Austrian chef mentor, he enrolled in Baltimore International Culinary College in 1996 earning his Associate of Occupational Studies in Professional Cooking and Professional Baking and Pastry. He further honed his culinary skills working in kitchens in New Orleans, San Francisco and in the place he calls home, Virginia, with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. After a brief stint as a private chef for a very high profile client, Michael chose to enter the world of higher education as the Director of Culinary Programs at a career college in Arlington, Virginia.

Hapyy Granola is the culmination of Chef Michael’s culinary philosophies. He values and appreciates the process of a great meal since many were made from scratch growing up. He believes that simplicity is the greatest attribute in food and endeavoring to source the best ingredients lets the best quality flavors shine through.

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Good granola is one of those things that truly is a symphony of flavors, not one ingredient dominates the other.

Our Story

Feb 01

A Casual Dinner

Susan Sampson and a good friend met for dinner where he was introduced to her granola. Her recipe has a unique taste with real food ingredients including protein, fat and macronutrients. Packed with nutritious elements and delicious tastes, her friend was blown away!

May 01

An Idea was Born

Dinner led Susan and friend to the idea of an entrepreneurial venture of selling the granola. The standout recipe not only tastes good, but is good for you.

Jun 01

Sharing is Caring

Susan’s friend, now chairman of Hapyy Granola, shares her recipe with a few of his clients and friends. The feedback was so positive that he decided to record it and share it with Susan.

Jul 01

Sealing the Deal

After Susan saw the amazing feedback, she decided to bring her idea to life and begin her tasty venture with her friend.

Jul 01

Chef Michael Comes Aboard

Susan shared her idea and great feedback with her friend and well-known chef, Michael Roll, leading to the decision to collaborate! The passion they have for food made a long term dream become a great reality.  

Jul 30

The Team Grows Quickly

In a small time, more additions to the team arrived to help with production and marketing.

Jul 30

The Granola Gets National Exposure

Samples were sent throughout the nation for people to try. The feedback was amazing!

Aug 01

Granola Gets a Name

Susan and team came up with the name, Hapyy Granola, a organic treat sure to make taste buds smile and the body, happy!

Sep 01

Production in Effect

We are working to source high quality ingredients at a great price to serve a larger audience. Currently, we’re around the clock to support a limited quantity but are searching for the best manufacturing facilities for mass production.

Sep 16

Attendance at the LA Green Festival Expo

We attended  the LA Green Festival Exposition on September 16-18! We met awesome people and gave out free samples of our granola! It was a great turn out!