Flax Seeds

Natural and Healthy Heart Big Flaxseeds in Hapyy Granola

Flax Seeds Looking for a way to boost the nutrients in your diet? Act flax! Health Benefits Flax seeds are a great source of immune-boosting heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, satiating, regulating, digestion enhancing, cholesterol lowering fiber, and hormone balancing, cancer fighting antioxidant lignin’s.  Wow! Consume as Oil or Ground Seeds Flax seeds come in […]

Rolled Oats


Rolled Oats  Yummy Who doesn’t love a bowl of rib-sticking oats on a cold morning topped with a pat of butter or coconut oil, a sprinkle of brown sugar or maple syrup, and fruit–fresh or dried. Aside from being a comfort food, oats have many things going for them. Rolled oats are whole grain; so, […]

What to Eat for Breakfast


What to Eat for Breakfast?  Breakfast actually means break the fast. Eating in the morning signals the body that food is available and that it is okay to burn fat. If there is no food, the body will slow metabolism to hold onto its stores as long as possible. In general, the best breakfast combines […]