Bodybuilding Protein Food Myths

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Proper nutrition is essential when starting your body-building journey. A mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fats are necessary to give your body the fuel it needs to exercise, recover, and repair. Sadly, there are a lot of myths about which foods are best. Here are just two:


Greek yogurt is all the rage, yet from a nutrition standpoint it’s very similar to regular yogurt. However, it takes three times as much milk to make the same quantity of Greek yogurt as regular yogurt and that creates a lot of waste and an environmental hazard. Look for yogurt free of additives and added sugars.


The egg white has most of the protein, and some advocate eating only the bland whites and discarding the yolks. However, the yolks contain lots of nutrients and necessary fats. Nature did not create eggs, so that we could throw half of it away. Look for eggs from chickens raised on pasture; the yolks will be bright orange, flavorful, and full of great nutrients. If you buy only one thing at a farmers’ market, you can’t go wrong with eggs.

Try our high protein granola bar recipe!

Hapyy Granola and almond butter are used to create these tasty bars. Both ingredients are high in protein.

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